Shafiullah Anis

Shafiullah Anis

Shafiullah Anis is an IIM Lucknow alumnus, Urdu Poet and a Researcher interested in the Marketplace, Society, and Culture.

babri masjid

हर समाज के अपने मुद्दे होते हैं। जिस तरह से विकसित देश के मुद्दों को पहली दुनिया की समस्या (first world problems) कहा जाता हैं और विकासशील देशों के मुद्दों को तीसरी दुनिया की समस्या (third world problems) कहा जाता हैं, उसी तरह पसमांदा समाज और अशराफ समाज के मुद्दे भी अलग अलग हैं।

Wednesday, 23 August 2017 13:19

My Name is Biryani and I am Not a Terrorist

biryani meme

My favourite Biryani meme on social media says 'I can't make everyone happy, I am not Biryani!!" Biryani has always been associated with happiness and bliss in pop culture, but when Biryani gets associated with terrorism, I have all the reasons to get upset and invoke that cliché Bollywood tag-line in Biryani's defence. Yes, the ubiquitous Biryani needs a defence from the symbolic violence.