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asaf ali

23 मार्च 1931 को सरदार भगत सिंह, सुखदेव और राजगुरु को लाहौर की सेंट्रल जेल में फांसी पर लटका दिया गया था। सरदार भगत सिंह की पैरवी न्यायालय में बिजनौर निवासी अधिवक्ता आसफ अली ने की थी।

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bhagat singh shaheed

Shaheed Bhagat Singh, as every Indian knows was born on 28th Sep 1907, and lived for only 23 years with the only dream to free the Greatest Nation in the World; India, which, he always called “Bharat Mata”. Although he lived only for 23 years, he could inspire lot many freedom fighters and youth of India to fight for the country.

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